Celebrate Valentine’s in Wiltshire

We all know how tough it can be to try and make that special someone feel like a happy and appreciated someone at this time of year. To help out, we’ve put together a list of five helpful things to do in Wiltshire to make this Valentine’s a special one for both parties – we hope you like them!

Walks in Wiltshire

There’s nothing more romantic than a country walk, hand in hand where you can both talk about the future and spend some real quality time together. Take a look at some of our favourite walks in Wiltshire over on our blog.

Cycle Wiltshire’s Glorious Paths & Routes

While it may not seem like the most obvious of choices, why not take your loved one on a bike ride? Wiltshire is become more and more renowned for its glorious cycle paths and routes. To make it that little bit easier for you to know where you’re going, read more about them over on our blog here.

National Trust

Wiltshire is home to many iconic National Trust attractions from Cley Hill, Westwood Manor, Stonehenge and White Barrow. Many of which make for the perfect day out exploring whilst not breaking the back and even leaving you with enough squid to treat that special someone to a bite to eat after…

Trekking & Horse Riding

While this might possibly be the most adventurous idea, it’s by far not the worst! If your partner has ridden before or perhaps has mentioned how much they would like to try out trekking and horse riding, Wiltshire is a great place to give it a go. The three main horse riding and trekking facilities are Warminster Saddle Club, Rein and Shine and Pewsey Vale Riding Club.

Unwind, Wine & Dine

This all-time favourite is by far the safest option and by far the most relaxing. Choosing somewhere to go is often quite a task but here at The Bath Arms we’re more than confident that we can sort this one for you. Take a look at our Valentine’s Weekend in Wiltshire package here and drop us a call if you fancy snatching up on of our 17 cosy bedrooms for a couple nights.

For more information on our Valentine’s Weekend in Wiltshire, give us a call on 01985 844 308 or email us here.

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