Unusual Easter Traditions

In the UK, Easter is arguably the most important festival in Christian Churches. For those of us who may not be religious, this is also the time of year when Creme Eggs are found in abundance! Here at our Wiltshire inn, we see it as a sign that spring has finally sprung – Easter egg hunts, Hot Cross Buns and Simnel Cake all feature prominently. Keep reading to learn about some unusual Easter traditions from around the world…


In Haiti, Easter’s Holy Week is a mixture of both Catholic and Voodoo traditions. It’s definitely a time for music! There are colourful parades, drumming and an electric atmosphere. Voodoo believers make an annual pilgrimage to the village of Souvenance where there is also chanting and animal sacrifices.


Monday sees an unusual tradition in Hungary; Sprinkling. This sees boys put fine smelling scents such as perfume or cologne (sometimes water!) over girls’ heads. Once done, they ask for a kiss. This may seem unusual, but it is believed that water has both a healing properties and fertility traits.


A massive celebration takes place in Spain – in Seville, to be exact. 52 different religious brotherhoods take to the streets for a fantastic parade showing interpretations of the crucifixion. During Holy Week thousands will watch these daily processions – marching bands and decorated candlelit floats make an appearance and there are also Baroque statues illustrating the Easter story.


A popular tradition in most places around the world is for Easter eggs to be hidden and for children (and adults!) to hunt for them, but did you know that in Germany Easter eggs are hung from trees? Streets will be decorated in the eggs and it’s an impressive site – multi-coloured eggs signalling rebirth and spring.  

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