Trekking & Horse Riding in Wiltshire

Our guests, both little and large are always looking for an adventure when they come to stay with us at our accommodation in Warminster. When looking for things to do, Wiltshire is known as a desirable place to saddle up some stallions and take to the hills to explore the luscious green countryside.

Whilst Wiltshire has long been the home to many a sophisticated equestrian event such as the Foxham Horse Show, it has also had its fair share of famous faces trotting on by. Previous celebrities such as the ‘Queen of Pop’, Madonna have been known to frequent the stables during her marriage to Guy Ritchie on Ashworth Estate. If that’s not enough to convince you it’s the place to trek, then perhaps some of Wiltshire’s most prolific riding schools and clubs might spark your interests.

Pewsey Vale Riding Club

Located in the beating heart of the Wiltshire wilderness, Pewsey Vale is able to offer some of the most authentic rides money can buy. With their riding school and treks taking place at the Pewsey Downs National Reserve near Marlborough, it’s understandable why they have become renowned as one of Wiltshire’s best riding clubs.

They are able to offer riding classes, trial riding and long distance rides for all ages and can also accommodate parties for children.

Rein and Shine

Further north of Pewsey Vale, only a stone’s throw from Swindon is Rein and Shine. With an extensive range of facilities to suit all abilities, Rein and Shine sure know how to make riding a good time. From children’s pony parties to horsey hen dos, there’s something for everyone. They also have a fully equipped riding school and the ability to host corporate away days and events with an equestrian twist.

Warminster Saddle Club

A little closer to home, you’ll find Warminster Saddle Club. While the club has become known for its competitions, tuition and events for the experienced equestrian-ista, they also pride themselves on being open to teach all abilities in the arena.  Approved by the British Horse Society, they boast extensive riding facilities, affordable tutorial prices and friendly and approachable trainers.

If you fancy taking the reins and roaming on horseback through the wilds of Wiltshire, why not rest up here at the Bath Arms? Not only are we one of the most dog friendly pubs Wiltshire has to offer, we’ve got nearby horses to boot: far from a one trick pony (see what we did there?). Alternatively, why not stop by for a bite to eat pre or post ride at as we’re recognised as one of the cosiest places to eat in Wiltshire.

You can book a room online here or make a reservation by calling 01985 844 308 or by dropping us an email at enquiries@batharms.co.uk.

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