Our Top 5 Favourite Summer Drinks

For us summer is about getting out in the outdoors and ending the day with a few drinks. If you’re looking for things to do in Wiltshire, let our latest blog inspire you with the ideal summer’s activity.

As one of the most welcoming pubs in Wiltshire, we’ve acquired a good number of years serving guests the perfect beverage at the end of a hard day’s work so we thought we would call on General Manager, Des, to share his years of expertise with us…

Summer is a time that offers lots of excitement with equal parts frustration. The thought of being stuck in an office, cubicle or myriad of other work places whilst seeing a world of sunshine outdoors – it’s no wonder our thoughts slip into how we will reward ourselves at the end of a long day. We think there’s no better way to do so than with a long cool drink in a pub garden in the sun.

Blended Strawberries and Lemonade

My first two drinks may come as a surprise to you as they are non alcoholic, they are all good for the drivers and the children, but they both offer the reward one is looking for in a job well done. Blended strawberries and lemonade, simple but effective, it gives you a lift and just a hint of indulgence, and whilst this in its simple form will keep you out of the ‘Betty Ford Clinic’ the seasoned of you will see the ease with which a shot of gin or vodka can be snuck in if one has such a ‘medicinal need’!

Orchard Pig’s Totally Minted

A revitalising combination of zesty fruits and mint, it can transport you to foreign climbs and if you close your eyes you could be on a beach listening to the waves.

Gin and Tonic

A lot has been written about Gin and Tonic so I won’t labour the point, but it has stood the test of time and in recent years we have seen the arrival of more Gins and better quality Tonics. There is now no reason that you can’t choose one of several Gins and Tonics, choose your garnish and create the G&T just for you.

Pimms and Lemonade

As with the G&T no summer drinks list can make it without Pimms & Lemonade. As with above I know that Pimms have added many more varieties to their roster, however unlike with Gins I would have to say that there is a reason Pimms Number 1 has stayed where it has for so long, it is without doubt the taste of summer, throw a bit of Vitamin C in the glass for forms sake and then sit back and enjoy the world’s greatest summer cooler.


The last is a cold glass of Rosé. For some it may not be fashionable, for some the only Rosé they have had is a clawing sugar coating monstrosity from a supermarket. However, I urge you to grab a glass of Southern French Rosé, make sure it is dry with just a hint of forgiveness in it, then let the years of gaelic attitude and skill smooth away your worries.

There are more complicated drinks to be had, clever cocktails and new things hitting the back bar every day, but these five drinks for me epitomise summer.

If you’re looking for bites over beverages take a look at our chef’s summer recipe blog or take a look at our things to do in Wiltshire in summer blog. Whatever you decide to do make sure to pay our pub a visit.

There’s plenty of things to do in Wiltshire and grabbing a drink at our popular gastro pub is just one of them. Pop in for a drink, book a table or reserve a stay at our Inn today.

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