Supplier Spotlight: Ruby & White

Renowned and recognised as one of the South West’s leading purveyors of locally sourced bespoke meats, Ruby & White are the best of the best in the region. Having Ruby & White’s produce in our Wiltshire country pub kitchen is like having Meryl Streep cast as the lead role in your film. And whilst we’re on the subject of Meryl Streep, like her very fine self, Ruby & White’s meat also gets better with age and doesn’t need the help of any A-list co-star or spice to bring it to life.

Anyway, less about Meryl and more about meat… A quality sourced cut of meat has been and always will be a showstopper in any starter or main course at our country pub and accommodation. But how do we make this magic happen?

Thanks to Ruby & White, they do most of the hard work for us. All the meat is hung and stored in their very closely controlled fridges where atmosphere, airflow, and temperature are all monitored to the centigrade. Their team of skilled butchers hand select every cut for us which we then prepare and serve up for supper by night and day.

A rare & beefy breed

All the beef we get from Ruby & White is grass fed beef and is sourced from a small number of West Country farms specialising in the rearing of rare cattle breeds. Our Bath Arms Ruby Red burger comes via Ruby & White from the Ruby Red Devon – all starting to make more sense now? Ruby & White’s gloriously marbled meats come from farms which rear their cattle slowly and naturally, resulting in meat that is remarkable in flavour and texture.

A porky pig

When it comes to pork, the pigs from Cameron Naughton’s Farm lead a particularly pleasant lifestyle before making their way to Ruby & White’s. The pigs often ponder and play in small groups around the farm so happily that they even won their owner the pig farmer of the year award in 2015.

A loveable lamb

The sweet life of a lamb begins at Martin Drew’s Farm in Upper Wraxall. Allowed to roam free in the fields and feed on the Wiltshire meadows, the results are a kinder and tenderer way of life for Ruby & White lamb; indeed a love story before it even reaches the lips of our locals.

A fairer game

As for the game, this is played mainly by Ruby & White’s Owner Adam and Master Butcher Dave who often shoot it themselves. This means our is ethically and legally obtained at local shoots or from local dealers and stalkers.

A chick off the block

Finally, dear friend of Ruby & White Stuart Perkins of Castlemead Poultry, has the secret cluck when it comes to the rearing the perfect poultry. With a staple diet of marvellous meadow, milled grains and foraged feed, these chickens are kept chirpy all year round before they are humanely harvested and prepared back at R&W.

Do you know the best way to find out more about Ruby & White’s mastered meats? By trying it for yourself!

 Book a table online today at The Bath Arms or call us on 01985 844308.

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