Meet Wessex Brewery

When it comes to Pubs in Wiltshire, there’s a reputation to uphold.

Here at The Bath Arms, we’re known for our local and ethical ethos; for both our food and our drink.

Located only 10 minutes away from our Wiltshire Inn by car, Wessex Brewery was the logical choice when we were searching for where to source our local ale. With 99 ales at present being brewed on their premises, there is plenty for us to choose from when it comes to refreshing drinks and a taste of the country.

Started up early July 2001, under the name Hobden’s Wessex Brewery, the first beer created by Wessex was Blackmore Ale at 3.5%. Found in a converted farmyard, the brewery takes a relaxed and refreshing attitude towards how they brew their ale; by all accounts they are very generous with their samples!

You won’t find their website online as truth be told, they don’t have one. Complications with registering their email address or so we heard. In all honesty, we find it a breath of fresh air and we are sure the other pubs in Wiltshire do too – we get to deal with real people and enjoy plenty of conversations about which of their ales will grace our pumps.

Longleat Pride (4%)

Gold/amber with a bit of a haze. Sharp and hoppy aroma with grapefruit and a faint hint of tea. Fresh and hoppy taste with the tangy grapefruit notes that give it a pleasant bitterness. Light and refreshing – it’s the epitome of a session beer.

Golden Apostle (4.8%)

A golden premium ale. Brewed with local Warminster malts and flavoured with a balance combination of Australian and American hops, this ale provides subtle tropical fruit aromas and a crisp aftertaste.

Warminster Warrior (4.5%)

Amber with light carbonation, you’ll be met by hints of melon on the nose before enjoying a firm spicy and earthy bitterness over a full malty body, warming alcohol.

Potters Ale (3.8%)

Mid amber beer with big head. Well balanced session bitter with a floral aroma. Malty and dry with a decent hoppy finish.

With all these ales on offer and an ever-changing roster of drinks, you’ll be spoilt for choice when you pop into our Wiltshire Inn. To find out more, call us on 01985 844 308 or send us an email.

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