Meet Our Suppliers – Mozzo Coffee

Here at our Wiltshire Inn, we believe that a great cup of coffee can make the difference between a good and a bad day.

From productivity to a catch-up with friends, we agree with Mozzo’s motto to “think outside the cup”!

When it comes to choosing suppliers for our gastro pub, Wiltshire is a location that excites many brands. Full of innovation and local produce, we only want to partner with the best quality suppliers and those that share our ethos.

Mozzo Coffee is a company that ticks all the boxes. Formed in 2005 by Grant Lang in nearby Southampton, the company started when he bought an Indian tuk tuk and created the world’s first solar and wind powered, art covered coffee cart. That’s the kind of innovation we like; Mozzo have grown to become a coffee partner to some of the UKs leading hospitality venues, including us!

We’re proud to serve their exceptional Red Label blend of 100% Arabica coffee. Available in both espresso and filter, a cup of Mozzo Red Label is sure to get your creative juices flowing and your taste buds tingling.

Espresso & Filter

Sourced from Fazenda Palmital Brazil (40%) Huila Colombia (40%) and Finca el Ingenio El Salvador (20%), Mozzo’s espresso is a delicious medium roast. Offering a smooth caramel taste with notes of dark chocolate and almond, this espresso is the perfect morning pick me up or after dinner beverage.

Available as a medium or dark roast, the Red Label Filter blend is sourced from Las Acacias Colombia (80%) and Kivu 2 Muungano DR Congo (20%). Fruity and floral but with a smooth caramel finish, no other filter coffee compares to this blend!

Proud to be a positive impact company, Mozzo minimises their environmental impact while maximising their social influence. Their commercial footprint? We’re glad you asked. That’s shared all the way through the value chain. The result of all their hard work is a delicious cup of coffee that can be shared while working, thinking, talking or eating – we’ve thoroughly enjoyed serving their blends since bringing them on board in 2017.

Mozzo keep it simple and do it really well… after all, what more could you want from an excellent cup of coffee?

Whether it’s a fleeting visit, business meeting or overnight stay – you’re spoilt for choice when you join us at our Wiltshire Inn. To find out more, call us on 01985 844 308 or send us an email.

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