- Meet Our Suppliers -

Good food requires fresh, sustainable and high quality local ingredients…

Our food can only be as good as the quality of the produce. Here at The Bath Arms, we depend on the hard work and commitment of our suppliers from meat and veg to towels and toilet rolls, every little piece of the puzzle is what makes our country pub so special and unique (alongside our lovely team of course).

Our Meat

All of our meat including beef, lamb, pork, poultry and game is supplied from local butchers Ruby & White’s. All the meat is hung and stored in their very closely controlled fridges where atmosphere, airflow, and temperature are all monitored to the centigrade. Their team of skilled butchers hand select every cut for us which we then prepare and serve up for supper by night and day. All our meat is free range, sustainable and humanely harvested.

Read more about Ruby & White’s on our blog here.

Our Wine

Our wine supplier, Hallgarten Druitt is one of the most historic names of the UK wine trade, which import only the finest wines from family run producers from all over the world and have been doing so now for over 80 years. Like only the best wine houses, Hallgarten Druitt has their very own string of awards and accolades which pave their name to the highest calibre; a notable few include; European Merchant of the Year, Sommelier Wine Awards 2016 and Wine List of the Year, International Wine Challenge 2015 & 2016.

Our Coffee

In 2005,  a chirpy chappy called Grant Long bought a Tuk Tuk, rigged it so that it was solar powered, covered it with art and turned it into a coffee cart, all with his student loan. We use the Red Blend which is an exceptional blend of 100% Arabica coffee beans, the blend is sourced from Fazenda Palmital Brazil (40%) Huila Colombia (40%) and Finca el Ingenio El Salvador (20%) A delicious medium roast offering a smooth caramel taste with notes of dark chocolate and almond.

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