Wiltshire’s National Trust Treasures

Wiltshire is home to some of the most iconic and famous National Trust attractions in the UK.

Here at The Bath Arms, we’re lucky enough to be only a stone’s throw from some real beauties which make for some of the best things to do with kids in Wiltshire. Whether you’re simply visiting us as one of the more popular pubs in Wiltshire to eat at or taking advantage of our cosy accommodation in Warminster; here are a handful of our favourite National Trust attractions you should have on your itinerary when exploring Wiltshire in 2017.

Near by

Cley Hill (3.1 mile, 8 min drive)

Cley Hill was once part of our family (the Longleat estate), but since then the hill has been entrusted to the National Trust by the 6th Marquess of Bath. A popular spot for families looking to embrace a challenge and looking to enjoy extensive views of West Wiltshire and Somerset, or alternatively to experience uninterrupted views of the sky from this locally famous UFO hotspot.

Top Tip: Why not try climbing Cley Hill on a crisp Sunday morning and then head to us for our hearty Wiltshire Sunday lunch in the afternoon – you’ll thank us in the end!

Westwood Manor (15.3 miles, 23 min drive)

The stunning Westwood Manor may be a small, but its homely and quirky nature is filled with interesting rooms and artistry which make it a wholly majestic place to visit. Psst… it’s also perfect for a few hours inside in the warm.

Stonehenge (20.1 miles, 30 min drive)

Probably one of the most highly recognised and famous attractions and landmarks in Wiltshire (also one of the seven wonders of the world might we add), Stonehenge is the perfect activity to immerse yourself and the family in when visiting the area. The historic and ancient landscape of Stonehenge is truly remarkable as well as so many mysteries to unravel.

White Barrow (17.6 miles, 33 min drive)

These fascinating archaeological remains provide a hearty portion of information about the Neolithic beliefs, economy and environment. It’s possibly one of the more of popular of many long barrows in Wiltshire, two of which are visible from White Barrow.

A little further afield…

Great Chalfield Manor (19.3 miles, 40 min drive)

Over the past few centuries, Great Chalfield Manor has seen various different owners, but in the early twentieth century Major Robert Fuller restored it to reflect it roots and it is well worth the 40 minute trip from the Bath Arms to see.

Lacock Abbey, Fox Talbot Museum and Village (20.7 miles, 43 min drive)

Upon arriving in the lovely little village of Lacock, you will feel instantly in awe as it is one of the most stunning places in Wiltshire which is steeped in incredible history. Lacock is home to the wonderful Abbey and nunnery which later became a Tudor family home. You might recognise Lacock as the birthplace of photography and the Fox Talbot Museum celebrates the life and work of William Henry Fox Talbot (1800-77). Fox Talbot created the first photographic negative in 1835, taken of a small window at his home, Lacock Abbey.

Calstone and Cherhill Downs (28.8 miles, 55 min drive)

Calstone and Cherhill Downs is a spectacular location which is home to species of rare butterflies, as well as several other species of orchid. If you’re feeling super lucky and in the mood to hunt out something to remember, why not try to seek out the wart-biter bush cricket as Calstone and Cherhill Downs are the only places you can come across these little critters.

There we have it, plenty of Wiltshire’s finest National Trust bucket list attractions you will have to tick off this year when travelling to the area.

If you’re thinking about giving Wiltshire a go in 2017, why not stop over at our family friendly accommodation in Warminster or book yourself a table in our dog friendly Wiltshire pub by calling 01985 844 308 or by emailing us here.

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