Chef’s Summer Watermelon Recipe

We take our food’s reputation very seriously; people travel from far and wide to taste the dishes in our gastro pub. Wiltshire is the perfect place to spend a sunny afternoon, and we hope this recipe will bring a slice of The Bath Arms into your own kitchen…

Head Chef Brian Hall has chosen his basil infused compressed watermelon with chilli and garlic marinated kalamata olives and a sun-dried tomato tapenade. We are excited that this is the recipe he has chosen to share – it’s the perfect dish for refreshing yourself after all the warm weather we have been having!

“We source from local responsible suppliers. We rotate our fruit and veg supplier depending on the product we are after and the time of year.”

To prepare the watermelon you will need:

  • A fresh watermelon
  • 1 bunch of fresh basil
  • A blender

Rinse your watermelon under cold water, before cutting into 12 equal rectangles.

Place each piece of watermelon in a vacuum bag.

Don’t throw away the trim!

Put your trim in the blender and blend for a minute or so. Remove from the blender.

Boil the blended watermelon trim and reduce by half. Remove from the heat and add a third of the basil before putting in the blender again. Blend again for another minute or so and allow to cool.

Place one tablespoon of the cooled watermelon and basil juice in each of the watermelon filled vacuum bags . Place in vac machine and full vac for 40 seconds. Alternatively, if you don’t have a vac machine…… (just put it in a ziploc bag and take out as much as the air as possible) Freeze it overnight, Take it out and thaw

Tub and refrigerate.

To prepare the basil oil you will need:

  • 2/3 bunch of basil
  • Ice bath
  • Vegetable or rapeseed oil
  • Blender

Blanche your leftover basil for 10-15 seconds, before removing from chafon and placing in an ice bath. Squeeze out any excess water and put the basil in a blender with 200ml of vegetable or rapeseed oil.

Line a chinois with muslin cloth and pour the basil infused oil through.

To prepare the tapenade you will need:

  • 100g chilli and garlic Kalamata olives (or plain olives, with chilli and garlic to dress)
  • 50g sundried tomato
  • Blender

The tapenade consists of 100g of chilli and garlic marinated Kalamata olives. Add 50g of sundried tomatoes and blend into a coarse paste.

To plate the dish:

Take a plate or bowl of your choice

Place a pool of the basil oil on the base of the plate.

Slice the watermelon into two triangles, lay one of the triangles on its side in the centre of the oil, the other standing up next the other.

Make a small quenelle of tapenade and place it on top of the triangle laying down.

Garnish with lambs tongue leaves placed in the V between the two triangles of watermelon.

Serve immediately

We hope you have enjoyed this recipe – we’d love for you to share your attempts with us on social media. You can find out more about our Head Chef Brian here. Don’t forget, we are not only popular for our locally sourced dishes – we offer some of the most welcoming accommodation in Warminster.

You won’t have tasted anything like the dishes at our gastro pub! Wiltshire is the perfect place for a day out with family, your loved one or to explore solo by yourself. Contact the team today to book a table.


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