A Day Trip To Salisbury

It’s easy to get overwhelmed by all the things to do in Wiltshire. If you’re ready to venture beyond our gastro pub Wiltshire has much to do and it’s easily managed in a day trip.

Here at The Bath Arms, we are in the perfect location for you to soak up all the rich history and beauty of Salisbury making us popular amongst those looking for Salisbury accommodation. In light of this, we’ve come up with some unmissable places you should visit during your stay so that you can have the perfect Salisbury day trip.

  1. Become a Pilgrim and visit the Cathedral

This majestic Cathedral had its foundation stones laid in 1220, so it is safe to say that people have been making pilgrimage here for a very long time. Less than an hour long drive from our hotel, the cathedral holds an original copy of the Magna Carta so even if you aren’t religious you don’t want to miss seeing this historic document up close or climbing Britain’s tallest spire.

  1. See Salisbury’s Origins

English Heritage own the site of Old Sarum, so visitors can have the extraordinary experience of standing where Salisbury began and where the original Cathedral once stood. Keep an eye out for the foundations of William the Conqueror’s castle and for the banks of earth that were once part of an Iron Age Hillfort.

  1. Take Time For A Spot Of Shopping

A day trip wouldn’t be complete without a souvenir or a quick spot of shopping and Salisbury certainly has markets and quaint shops in abundance. Visit The Charter Market or the Farmer’s Market to get some individual and locally made items – they take place every Tuesday & Saturday in the 15th-century market place. If vintage is more your thing, you can go to Guildhall Square where once a month bric-a-brac stalls and collectible stands showcase their wares and you can sip or chomp on some retro delights. Failing that, the Cross Keys Shopping Centre hosts modern stores in its converted historic buildings.

  1. See Stonehenge

A typical tourist spot? Yes, but it would be a sin to visit Salisbury and avoid Stonehenge. Stonehenge is one of the best known ancient wonders of the world and at 5,000 years old the monument has seen people from across the globe come to take in its imposing stones and learn more about the secrets this World Heritage Site keeps.  The Bath Arms is conveniently located only a short drive from this wonderful landmark making our Wiltshire inn one of the few great places to stay near Stonehenge.

  1. See History Behind Glass Or Up Close On A Ghost Walk

The Salisbury Museum boasts an extensive collection of finds from nearby Stonehenge as well as antiquities from around the world. But if you like your history more up close and personal, then finish off your day with a Ghost Walk. Not for the faint of heart, these tours will chill your spine with stories of witches, ghosts and the death of the Duke of Buckingham.

So, there you have it – the only itinerary you will need for the perfect day trip in Salisbury. Now that you know what you will be doing, isn’t it time you booked a place to stay?

Our authentic Wiltshire Inn is arguably the most conveniently located Wiltshire accommodation you will find – not to mention a welcoming and comfortable stay. To find out more call us on 01985 844 308 or book online with us for the very best rate.

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